Not only do we design beautiful websites, we develop amazing strategies

We've been optimizing websites and developing top performing SEO strategies since 2002. Not only do we building beautiful websites, we build beautiful SEO strategies that get results. Take just a moment to review our SEO case studies below.


We develop innovative SEO strategies for our clients that get results.


Virtual Link Languages (

With major players including Rosetta Stone, Babbel and Duolingo, the language learning industry is one of the most competitive online markets in the world. Virtual Link Spanish hired Opengate to develop an SEO strategy that would allow the company to effectively compete online.

Based on extensive research we were able to identify and implement an innovative SEO strategy (through the development of that allowed the company to achieve a front page Google ranking for "learn a language" and generate thousands of daily unique website visitors.


SeaNet (

The Fractional Yacht industry is comprised of several competing companies all vying for a limited number of relevant keyword rankings in Google. SeaNet hired Opengate to help it achieve and maintain targeted keyword rankings in Google.

We helped SeaNet identify and implement a content development strategy that improved the site's inbound link structure and lead to SeaNet achieving the #1 keyword ranking in Google for "shared yacht ownership" and the #2 ranking for "fractional yacht ownership".


EducationCorner (

For nearly a decade EducationCorner was a strong player in the online adult education lead generation industry. However, starting in 2014 EducationCorner began to see it's search engine rankings drop and its market share decline due to increased competition and changes in Google's ranking algorithm.

Opengate helped EducationCorner re-position itself within the adult education industry and implement a new SEO strategy. Over the next year EducationCorner saw its rankings rebound and organic site traffic reach over 7,000 unique visitors a day.


  • Industry Research and Analysis
  • Competitive Research and Analysis
  • Keyword Research and Selection
  • Advanced On-site Optimization
  • Strategy Design
  • Strategic Content Development
  • Strategic Link Building
  • Strategic Web Development
  • Campaign Management
  • Web Analytics and Reporting
  • Traffic Analysis and Tracking
  • Conversion Analysis

We use a proven SEO process that helps our clients rise above the competition.

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